••• Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Eye Friday 

Sun, Surf, Sand and Snowsuits?
Spring Break, of course.

We arrived at the cottage last night, with plenty of time before nightfall, for Cakers to engage in her usual Spring Break Arrival At the Cottage Ritual: Play on the beach, regardless of the weather.

Cakers found her bucket and shovel. And gloves.

Cheddar found a huge stick.

And I, of course, found lots of pixel fodder.

Today we went into town, where I stopped at the yarn shop to pick up a circular knitting needle I need to finish Ingenue. Then we stopped at the bead store, where I picked up some beads to make stitch markers.

Then I had to stop at the local lake to observe and shoot the current floe of excitement.

Back at the cottage, I spent an hour uploading and playing with my new pictures. Then I worked a bit on my Super Challenge Sudoku puzzle (it has letters and numbers). When my eyes starting bleeding from working over those very tiny squares, I took a break to blog a post.

I think I have too many hobbies.

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