••• Thursday, July 29, 2004

A-ba-da-ba-da...Tha'Shawl Folksh!
This still needs to be blocked, but I felt the need to post "something" today. I hope to have it ready for the Prince concert coming up
Sunday. (And praying to the Artist-Formerly-Known-As-The-Toyota-Emblem gods for my tickets to show up in the mail..uh...tomorrow?)


Specs: Yarn, Skacel "Onyx" (a discontinued viscose/acrylic 50/50 blend, sport weight) Pattern, Here

A Technical Spectacle
My laptop has been infected with something nasty (Spyware?) which somehow erased or disabled my McAffee. I can't be online without constant Internet Explorer windows popping up asking me if I want to access offline. Plus the usual popups.

My husband has a computer guy "friend" coming to fix it, today. I'm kind of skeert though. While this guy knows his stuff (has a degree and everything), he seems to have significant issues with typlexia. 99% of the time, after laying paws on one of our computers, he has to make a return trip to fix a code typo. One good thing, he's unemployed, so he can get here toot sweet. ::Hmm...Is that unemployed thing trying to tell me something?::

Anyway, the I hope to be posting normal (heh) real soon.

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