••• Monday, July 19, 2004

Diamond Ho'

Diamond Joe
Come'n git me.
B'fore the cast-on Ho'
Done quit me.
Diamond Joe
Ya better come get me.
Diamond Joe. 
That's a bastardization of this little folk ditty from Dylan's Masked and Anonymous soundtrack.   It's one of The Cakers' favorites and it runs incessantly through my brain as I work on my diamond shawl.   

And nothing warms the cockles of a mama's heart like hearing the sweet voice of her two year old croonin' at top-o-lungs:
...Gonna get me a jug of whiskey. 
Gonna make my baby frisky.
Diamond Joe,
You  better come get me .
Diamond Joe.

And the point of all this?  Well, I've become consumed with the pursuit of the perfect diamond. Ergo, I be the Diamond Ho'.  

This pattern is pretty easy to memorize and I like that there is only purling on the backside. For some reason, when I'm working on lace and it's going well, I knit with intense urgency. It's like I'm trying to knit ahead of mistakes, which seem to be nipping at my elbow.

Picture Perfect Getaway
We decided to stay at the cottage a couple of extra days. The weather forcast predicted the warmest days of summer for yesterday and today. Evidently, the weather in Michigan can change without meteorological notice (that's a tongue in cheek comment for Michiganians, current or otherwise) and yesterday was chilly/windy as it ever was.

But at the end of the day, all that really matters are the weenies by the fire.

Lookin' for Some Tail?
Check out the new hutch on the block. Rabbitch. She's fast and furry-ious, and pulls no punches. (Don't say I didn't warren ya.)

P.S. My family situation is going to be a slow burning worry for the next couple months. It's about a big brother who's taken a job overseas. To a very scarey place. So thanks for all the good thoughts. Is there a patron saint for the terminally stupid?

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