••• Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Diamond in the Stuff
I'm rebounding nicely from my most recent project estrangement. In fact, true to my impulsive form, I immediately jumped into a rebound relationship. Okay, off the record, I may have been fooling around a little before officially giving Adam back his rib (my husband nostalgically refers to that particular dating pattern i.e. picking the next before dumping the current, as relationship "overlap.") I say, let's get that nasty business behind us, shall we?

One of my goals for the summer was to knit away at my yarn stash. While digging around the bins, I found this lovely:

I bought this stuff maybe seven years ago. It's a viscose/acrylic 50/50 blend. It's very, very soft. So soft, you can hardly feel it. I've never felt a yarn so stealth-like in its tactile presentation.

You'll notice that there is a little snaggle of loose yarn behind the skein? That's what every skein does when removed from the tight plastic packaging. It kind of implodes. It's very slinky and slippery. I originally bought the yarn to knit an intarsia sweater that I designed myself. In fact, I still have the sketch of that piece, somewhere.

I originally pulled this yarn in consideration for Knitty's Hush Hush, but the gauge was too big. However, I had also been toying with the idea of a summery shawl/wrap to wear with my little black dress for my upcoming 5 year anniversary celebration. Perfect. ::Yes, I know I have frequently professed "I don't do shawls." I've also said "I don't do cute guys in Cobra Mustangs." I lied and I lied.::

So, I've got the yarn.

I've got the pattern. ::Yes, it's free. I'm not lion this time::

Here's what I have so far, after a few loopy starts. The pattern is not hard, but it did take me awhile to "anticipate" the lace pattern. I think I've finally got it. You know what they say, the 12th time is the charm. ::Neither of these pictures does the yarn's color justice. It's more periwinklish. I'm using size 9 needles. The yarn is a sport weight::

We're heading north tomorrow. Between that and some family worries, I may not be around much over the next several days. Or I may become your next stalker. Stress moves in mysterious ways.

Humpy Wednesday! It is Wednesday, right?

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