••• Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I'm blogging in stealth mode. We're still cottaging, and In-laws are here (but stepped out). They don't know about this place.

Our long weekend at the cottage turns into a week tomorrow. The 86 plus degrees with high humidity was just too hard to drive away from. With husband between jobs, and teenager out of town until Saturday, timing was perfect. And we're having a splash!

I've been experiencing some technological problems with my computer, seemingly related to some kind of "cache flow" problem, which disallows me direct access to my comments or even a refreshed blog page. Photo service is down too, so lucky for all y'all, no boring "long weekend/short week" picture trails.

Thanks all, for the shawl compliments. Robbyn: Yes, I'm using a smaller gauge yarn. The Opal is a sport weight and I'm using size 9 needles. This pattern is very easy and would just fly on thicker yarn and bigger needles.

And Rob, I'm upside my head with excitement and anticipation at your upcoming move! With my new predeliction for a shawl thing, I very well may become your next Charlotte Harlot!

Gotta run. Sorry for the lameness of this post.

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