••• Friday, July 23, 2004

Weekend Update
A week ago yesterday, we headed to the cottage to enjoy a long weekend. Well long did we enjoy. Today, one week and one day later, we'll be wrapping up said weekend with a voyage home.

Truth be, stretching a weekend getaway into a week long vacation, one day at a time, is definitely the way to go. There's no packing stress. No recreational performance anxiety. Lastly and bestly, no extensive menu planning.

Of course, peoples gots to eat. Being under the impression that we were leaving "tomorrow," day after day (after day..), there was no reason to stock up on groceries. Who wants to be messing with a meal and cleanup when there is packing to be done? Multiply that hightly rational cognitive sequence by roughly 7 nights and...well, you get the idea. Let's just say we ate around.

Doggone Blues
Some of you commented on Cheddar's seemingly "hangdog" or "tired" appearance. Well, you'd be hangdogged too, if you spent the better part of a week doing this:

FAQs about Cheddar sitting at the end of the dock, day after day:
What's he doing out there? He's pining and whining at his beloved white dots, bobbing joyously in the cooling farwaters.

Isn't he a full-blooded Labrador Retriever, a breed known for their ability to fetch fallen game from bodies of water? Why yes, he is that very breed of dog.

Why doesn't he just jump off the dock, like those labs I see on the Ted Nugent Network? I dunno.

Hey Cheddar! Your DNA called (cellular, of course). Left a message for you to Go Ahead and Jump.

Diamond Purl
You sure do shine.

I haven't measured this because my cord is too short. But just eyeballing, I figure I have two skeins to go. ::Sigh::. I'm shawly gonna miss the clarity of this gem.

Here's a closeup. (And a hex on your next five rows if you try counting lace holes in search of errors.)

G'night Jim Bob.

Sunset photo courtesy of yours truly.
Location: Platte Lake, Northern Michigan
Date: July 22, 2004.
Time: Sunsettish

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