••• Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Just Some Fluff to Ease a Weary Mind
First of all, the dog days of summer done bit me in my ass. And it do hurt.

My summer vacation is officially over and I returned to work today. Typically I feel a little sad at summer's end, but mostly I am excited to get back to the routine, my clients and co-workers. Today I felt no excitement at all.

In fact, I actually felt like crying on the drive in today. I suspect this sudden dinge was related to having to devote my last day of summer to seeing my son through wisdom teeth extraction.

On a knitty knote, I'm making some headway (or backway) on Joanna's Dreamy Creamy pattern (is it Creamy Dreamy? I get so consufed....)

This is a nice fun pattern. The shaping keeps it interesting and also gives it an extra feminine feel. And this yarn? You have to feel it to believe it.

I Just Can't Face it No More....
Ever wonder what really goes on in those Born Again Chat Rooms?

Well...it ain't a pretty sight.

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