••• Monday, August 16, 2004

Monday Mourning
I was up until 1:00 am nearly finishing a rather lenghty post. When I got up this morning to finish it up, I found about 2/3 of it had been lopped off the end. Grrrrrr.

Anyway, later this morning I'm heading up to the cottage with three girlfriends for a day of sunny pleasures and a night of debaucherous decadence. I'm even thinking about "coming out" to them....about the blog. (They already know I'm kinda weird. )

When I told The Cakers I was gonna spend the night with my girlfriends, she said "I spend the night at Nana's. I spinned and spinned and spinned."

Here's The Cakers showing me how she spinned the night at Nana's.

I gotta go, I'm late!

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