••• Friday, August 06, 2004

Sac de Bleu!
How can you tell a boy French Market Bag from a girl French Market Bag?

The oui-oui!

Knitting up this sac is funner than a bag full of monkeys. Certainment. (Apologies to Francais enthusists and dear, sweet Madame Kerr. It's been 30 years, k?).

I'm knitting this up in Elann wool (leftover from my Must Have, which Must Be around here somewhere, waiting for a fine finish) and some Brown Sheep Nature spun. I'm using the square bottom version, but now I'm wishing I didn't. It's looking kind of...how you say...Snarky?

I'm hoping to begin felting tonight so it can be gifted to my mother-in-law, next week.

Am I Excited?
Does a Bear Knit in the Woods?

I hopped over to Lansing yesterday, to check out the Threadbear's new threads. All I can say is Day-ng.

And to the fact that, from door-to-delicious-door, it took me under 55 minutes...all I can say is Double Day-ng!

Lots of little bears have been very busy getting the place ready to open the doors this weekend. Matt and Rob have been blessed with a troop of volunteers, lead by Admiral Sarah. I was able to help for a couple of hours and if you order/purchase any Lamb's Pride, check out the perfect positioning of the price tags. uhh..but don't check to see if the color code matches the label. They say location is everything.

I only had a second to take a picture before I had to zoom home for dinner. Please note that this shot does not contain a certain someone who threatened (lovingly, of course) to take my heart out with a dull stitch gauge template if I included him in the picture. And I really hated to leave when there was so much yarn to sniff work to do.

This picture doesn't do the place justice. It's huge. Vast. Behemothesque. Definitely the biggest yarn store(not a shop, by my definition) I've ever seen, anyway. ::And honeys, I've been around::

Oops! Gotta Run. (While I'm really excited that The Cakers has a bright future as a forensic veterinarian, I think Cheddar would like to keep his eyes in their respective sockets, at this time.)

Happy 5 year wedding anniversary to me and mine. We're heading to the cottage tomorrow, for a private celebration. Whee!

I really want to post but have no time for extensive editing now, so please pardon the faux pas'

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