••• Sunday, August 22, 2004

Why Can't You Just Get it Through Your Head?
It's over, it's over now.
Yes you heard me clearly now, I said,
It's over, it's over now....
-Boz Skaggs

Just a little tune that won't get over my head. As best as I've been trying to deny, it's time to face up. Summer's over. It's over now.

Wednesday I return to work for the first of two days of mandatory inservice training. For me, it means two days of back-to-back one and two hour meetings.

Last week was benignly crazy for me, and it seems I hardly sat down for more than a few minutes at time, except for getting my hair colored and cut.

Cam is currently at his senior retreat, where I put in several hours yesterday as a parent volunteer. Just several hours before my assigned shift, I realized I had also signed up to bring two dozen cookies to the affair. Let's just say, over the past three days I've been one melt(down)away shy of a full batch.

I have started a new project but have had little time to work on it. It's Joanna's Creamy Dreamy design (check the attorney's sidebar. Sorry J. It just came tumbling out of my fingertips.) Cute stuff.

I've heard much about the Calmer yarn but couldn't believe my fingers when I was finally able to touch it for myself. This stuff is soft as a bunny's booty.

Here's what I have so far:

It looks like a pretty easy knit. The back is plain stockinette, so the fun won't really begin until I can interface with the VanDyke Lace. I'm adding two inches boobease and an inch in length, in case anyone cares.

I've been on line in bits in pieces over the past five days and unfortunately have not had time to hit the blogs. I hope all is well.

And Greta, Sweetie, Happy Birthday! (The greeting, it belate and I be sorry!)

Before returning to work on Wednesday, I have a couple more days of craziness, including a final appointment with photographer (sr.picts) and Cam getting his wisdom teeth out on Tuesday. I guess it's kind of a good thing to be so busy up until the end, as it leaves me no time for weeping.

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