••• Monday, September 20, 2004

My Fifedom for a Sleeve
Andy: Well, when did you do your last troublecheck?
Barney: Yesterday.
Andy: You didn't troublecheck today!?!
Barney: No.
Andy: Well, let's troublecheck! Sarah, get me 142-R. And put this right through - this is a troublecheck.

I've made some progress on the third sleeve of the Dreamy Creamy (Or is it...oh. never mind.). Three sleeves? How you do dat? Easy. You be a Barney Fifical Knitard. That's how you do dat.

In a Previous Episode: I had to lengthen the arm holes on the body, so the ribbon didn't cut across mid-boobage*. Therefore, I had to adapt the sleeve width to fit the new pits. Easy Peasy? More like Cheesy Queasy. If this doesn't work, I'll be reaching out to my knitting community, with all three arms.

*There's a pattern adaptation lesson here. Boobs are more dimensional than a tape measurement. Boobs have depth and width and volume and length. Yes, I said length. Boobs take up space, therefore they take up fabric. Playtex knows this. Victoria knows this. Marcia did not know this. Now she does.

A Busy Mutha
The weekend seemed to fly by. I took my son on a college visit on Saturday. He approached this special voyage with a less than enthusiastic attitude, on account of having already made up his mind on where he wants to attend, and it wasn't here. After talking to the representatives from his major, however, we were both grinning ear-to-ear and eager to leave the fray of program hawkers to have a chat.

Once outside, Cam said something to the effect of "Well, I started out on this trip thinking it was going to be a waste of time and now I'm thinking this is where I need to be."

This is hard on a mom. I know Cam really, really loves State and he is still feeling torn. Hell, I really, really love State. It's my alma mutha, after all.

But here's the tough part. The part that cries "is there an adult in the house?" State doesn't offer Cam's major of choice (Sport Stu*dies. Yes, it's really a major. I was shocked too.). Central does offer the major and is kind of establishing a name in the field, including a well-connected internship program with semi-pro teams around the state.

We had a mature discussion about this and I am impressed that, although he loves his Spar*tans, he seems to grasp that the right academic program is more important than a month of Saturdays at Spart*an Stadium.

Cam is still going to visit State and I know that someone there will tell him he can patch together a course of study that will get him to the same place that Central's program can. But I also know my boy and that he needs a bit more structure than that. And then there's the internship program, and Central is smaller, which means and he'll get more attention and guidance....sigh...growing up is hard.

And besides, East Lansing doesn't have a Krapohl Ford Dealership.

It's a message from God.

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