••• Monday, October 25, 2004

Monday Mourning
Where'd my weekend go? To Garter Square Hell in a handbasket, that's where. It’s possible that this afghan could actually kill my love of the craft, one monotonous row at a time. Between the laundry and cooking and the family visits from all over the world, I was able to complete one more square by the time I went to bed last night. That makes three squares to go. At my current rate of one square per week...gawd...let's move on.

If you’ll recall, I left my Saturday post to save face with my lipstickin' Cakers.

This shot was taken immediately after imposition of the behavioral “cure.”

Tongue lashing?
Booty thrashing?

And Nope.

She committed this face fart while underneath her little picnic table, without benefit of reflection. This means she had no concept of the end result.

So now, can you guess Momma's special cure for this particular malfaceance? A Trip to the Loo , my darlin'. For a peek in the mirror. Skeert the livin' Avon Calling right out of her.

Follow-up on the suspected prodigal son: He had a ready and plausible explanation for the footprint on the relocated table, and my supermomma-sonic lie detector gave the story a thumbs up. Besides, if he had been creepin’, he’d surely have a mind to move the table back.

Now, go put in a good word for me.

Then go tell someone you love them. As instructed.

Man, is this Boss Your Readers Around day, or what?

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