••• Sunday, October 03, 2004

My Stupid
Ummmm...the Flax Jax pattern I'm currently working on is not from the Falick/Nichols book. It's Eaton's Minnies . And it's moving along nicely, without much flack. .

This is a shot from the back. The seed stitch stripe doesn't come all the way around the front, which looks cute when it's done, but makes for a strange picture at this point in construction.

Rocky Road-ents
Over the past few weeks there have been scores of squirrel carcii showing up on the shores of Lake Michigan. People are also fishing live ones from the lake and channels. (You can read more about it here.)

I'm not typically an alarmist, but this squirrel unrising is kind of creeping me out. Is it a message from God? Boris and Natasha?

Or is it something less mystical, such as an innocent game of Lemmings that went terribly wrong?

Okay, that's a leap.

Maybe there's a simple explanation, such as they just missed the commuter furry ferry to Milwaukee and thought they could catch up.

The real nerve feeder for me is that the biologists don't have any answers either. While most of the scientists continue to stand around and scratch their ears heads, only a few have ventured out on a limb to hazard a guess or two on the etiology.

What I find odd, however, is that no one has mentioned the obvious similarities of this event to a phenomenon that occured a couple thousand years ago. I think you know where I'm scurrying with this.

The Dead Sea Squirrels. Exactly.

In fact, the Dead Sea Squirrel exhibit was in West Michigan just last year. I didn't go because I heard that you could only see little bits of squirrel and even then, could hardly tell what you were looking at. Truthfully, I found the whole concept a bit macabre.

So, is this just a dark coincidence or are we about to unearth a long buried secret? No doubt there will be plenty of chatter on the subject in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, this mysterious tail, er, tale, is gonna drive me more than a little nuts. I'll be sure to update if I dig anything up.

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