••• Thursday, October 07, 2004

Thunky Thursday
I can't shake this song, from first thing in my morning car…

Somebody told me
You had a boyfriend
Who looked like a girlfriend
I had in February of last year…
- The Killers.

Be Killin.’

Autumnal Inequinox
I think I’m suffering from the seasonal malaise that Amy is reporting. I know that for me, it has to do with the shifting of the afternoon sun and the fact that I have no windows in my office (brain can't make gradual daily adjustments to changes). When Daylight Savings time is done in a couple of weeks, I’ll suddenly feel just right.

Tubular (Or: All That, and a Lithium Drip
I love:
The new TV show LAX . But I'm thinking that the writers can't keep up for long, the quick pace and interesting story lines that initially captured my attention.

I fear:
The BK commercial where the guy wakes up to find himself under the covers with a stiff headed Burger King, who lovingly hands him a sausage biscuit. Just add Dairy Queen with a banana split and they’d have the fixins’ for a ménage a porn parfait. (Anyone remember the joke about Burger King, Dairy Queen and an unwrapped Whopper?)

I hate:
All the new CSI copy cats. This includes the CBS copy cats, copy cat-assin’ their own show, about two too many copy cat-assin’ times. (Wordass Queen: I wasn't sure about the hyphens.)

My pick, however, for this year's copy cat lameass combo award goes to Medical Investigation. I wanted to like it, but the acting sucks and the premise can’t be swallowed without intubation.

SideNote: I’m actually relieved to hate this one. My brain is already overloaded with daily CSI reflections. I mean, every time I sneeze, I can’t help but picture, in full special effect slo-mo imagery, my little spittles flying through the air at 20,000,000 miles per hour, to land on some hapless victims shoulder who simultaneously brushes up against a woman who just had sex with a felon just moments after....okay...that’s my brain on CSI.

Oooh Baby, Baby Sweater
Almost done. All I have left is to whip up the collar and go upstairs and holler (where did that come from? I'm thinking of some childhood rhyme and pulling down pants...I think I’ve been Burger Kinged.)



My son received his acceptance letter from (to?) CMU yesterday. To say he is pleased would be an understatement. Last week we had a heart to heart about his college plans and he said he is really, really excited about going there and that he has no qualms giving up his Green Dreams. He also said he has no interest in visiting or applying to any other colleges.

Soooo.....Every fall my husband and I take a long weekend up north. We weren't gong to do it this year because I was needing to save my personal days for carting the Camster to college visits. Now that those plans have been neatly kiboshed, I'm taking a long weekend at the cottage, with The Husband, The Cakers, The In-laws and The Cheddar. ::My in-laws are great and their presence allows for a date night with my sugar daddy.::

We're leaving tonight after work. So posts might be scarce over the next couple days. Or not.

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