••• Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Dragon My Heart Around
I don't want to talk about it. I felt the same about my Spartans losing in triple overtime (except this is more important, of course). An ass whooping would almost make it easier.

I meant to get these pictures out on Monday, but it's been kind of nutsy around here.

Speaking of nuts, I went on a walk over the weekend and came upon some acorns scattered across the sidewalk. I thought to grab a couple for The Cakers. As I reached down for a scoop, I saw that some of the brown rounds weren't acorns, but little poopballs. Ew.

Knittin' Knuggets
My freetime dance card is pretty full this week (and the next as well), which means I won't be toastin' on my postin'and likely digging deep into my MEME reserves.

I am hoping to get to the T-Bears this weekend, for Amy's book signing fiesta. She's supposed to have a mystery guest in tow. I might have a guess on who that be.

And speaking of designer's named Jenna, I'm officially one gagger square away from starting on Blaze. I just need someone to tie me to the couch and make me do it. Again. ::This time, honey, make me finish the afghan square. Too.::

Remember this shot? Go read about Staceyjoy's childhood recollection of a bad face day. ::Traumatic Lipstick Story link in November 1 post::

While we're on the topic, remember the Avon lipstick extandatubes? Tiny, colorful tubes, stuck end on end. They looked exactly like something a kid should play with. Such trickery.

Piglet Trivia: Our Avon lady came to call every other Saturday morning. She was a middle aged biker chick, with a mustache. And always smelling like Avon-Over-The-Morning-After-Bowling-League.

Clearly, this tube's run dry, so I'll be on my way. Happy Humpin'.

....and Beware the Turd Amidst the Acorns.


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