••• Saturday, November 27, 2004

Holiday Miracles and Wonder
Okay, it's over.

The miracle is that I didn't kill myself or anyone else in the process. And I wonder how I pulled it off.

So, here's a pictorial holiday weekend redux, to date.

On Wednesday I experienced the wonder of ergo-pie-namics. Yeah, six pies. From scratch. As in scratch this off to-do list for next year or, someone please scratch my eyes out with a plastic spoon if I ever look to pull off this feat again.

And later in the evening we had Dashing Through the Snow, in a One Dad Open Sleigh

Followed by this heartwarming view of ButtCracks Roasting by an Open Fire (I have no idea. I didn't even ask):

Thanksgiving morn brought yet another miracle. The Burning Bush.

If you take three shots of Hot Damn! Then squint your eyes and hold your breath, in the flame you can see the face of Madonna, eating a $28,000 grilled cheese sandwich, like a virgin, eating Velveeta for the very first time.

If you're very quiet, you'll also hear the maniacal laughter of an estruating hyena. Oh wait, that was me.

T-day dinner went with almost no hitch, except that the Turkey took 1.5 hours extra hours to complete itself. My family showed up at 5ish for dessert and left at 10.

Friday is cleaning lady day, so we had to clean up and get out of Dodge so the cleaning lady could come in and do her thang. But she didn't.

So today turned into offical pajama day. I'm still very worn out and having difficulty thinking in more than one word at a time. This may be less related to fatigue and more to my having spent several hours today playing word games on-line via my new wireless wideband connection. The rest of the day has been devoted to playing with The Cakers. Whee doggy.

Here's this week's random musings, just in time for the new set to be released tomorrow.

  1. Reconnect:: Again and again
  2. Gearshiift:: Four on the floor
  3. Mania:: Lobster
  4. Manhattan:: Transfer. Hate 'em
  5. First date::Violent Femmes and Mozart
  6. District:: Finals
  7. Yearbook:: Mildewed
  8. Breakup:: It's hard to do.
  9. Episode:: Final
  10. Costume:: Dog

Feel free to play along in comments or in the privacy of your own padded cell.

Is it Spring Break yet?

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