••• Friday, November 12, 2004

If She, Wants to Be a Freakin' On Her Birthday Weekend...
...It's none of your bizniz.

Some time during the next two days, I will crawl my sorry ass off to a cave and turn 47. That would be as in years old, not tricks.

As far as I'm concerned, 47 is looking directly up the butthole of 50. At 48, I'll be smelling it. And beyond that I cannot speculate. I can only hope and pray that there will be no involvement of additional senses.

At Threadbears last week, I had the opportunity to meet or at least look at some fellow bloggers. CJ and I chatted a bit and shared tales of the olfactory. Nice lady.

It was great seeing Deb again and I'm glad we had the chance to break bread.

Now, it gets a little weird from here. I was witness to Kristen's photo session with Amy, and company, but I had no idea she was a fellow knit blogger until I happend upon her blog a couple of days ago, and saw a picture of me!

And I also stood right next to Sharon, and had no idea who she was until I saw her picture at her blog. Dang again. Next time a flock of knitters gather in one area we oughta wear our blogtags. (Here's a link to my two posts at my first blog run, which Sharon references in her most recent post).

The Right to Bear Arms
On MSNBC this week, I caught a story about a five legged frog. His "extra" arm is stuck out of his neck, in a perpetual state of class participation.

Speaking of class participation, imagine how difficult the school environment must be for this little multi-tasker. Well, if you can't imagine it, maybe this will help: (Okay, it's primitive. Buffoonish even. But I'm almost 47 fucking years old. I have pubic hair growing on my chin and brow. Break?. Much Obliged.)

Me and Mrs. Skank. We Got a Thing, Going On

Have Weekends, Everyone.

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