••• Monday, November 22, 2004

So Close, You Can Almost Baste It

Knuttin’ But Knit
I finished Knitty’s October Surprise Heart Scarf. All said and done, I’ve decided to keep this one for myself and make my mother-in-law another, in a softer, more plush yarn. I’m thinking of dipping into my Indulgence stash (currently alpaca-ear-marked for a Blaze) and try the adaptation (add more border) of the pattern for thinner yarn, which I’ve seen around the blogs.

I also finished what I have named my Raspberry Squishy scarf. The color brings to mind a blue raspberry Slurpee. Is there such thing as a blue raspberry? The yarn ended up being not so horrible to knit with after all, but it is incredibly unforgiving on mistakes. You absolutely cannot frog it. Even weaving in the ends was very painful.

On the upper right of the photo is the nearly finished pair of wrist warmers. The one on the right needs to be felted yet. I was hoping to be able to get one more pair from the yarn already in my possession, but it looks as though I will be short about two inches worth of finished product.

The item in progress is a wrist warmer pattern from the Last Minute Knitted Gift book. Really fun moving rib pattern. Yarn: Beatrice. The wrist warmers are Christmas gifts.

::Dang, if I’m not kickin’ knittin’ linkin’ass!::

That's all for today. Short week at work but busy at home. I'm fixing dinner for the in-laws. Yeah, it sounds like a pain in the ass right now, but I really love putting on a traditional Thanksgiving feast*.

Hat's off to Marilyn for telling it like it is, up close and very personal.

If you know or suspect someone you know suffers from an untreated mental illness, please take a drastic measure and talk about it.

And for those of you travelling towards your biggest fans this Thanksgiving Holiday, have a safe Tryp to...

*::Jen, sorry about the dried cherries in the traditional bread/butter/celery/onion/sage stuffing, but I swear the rest of the feast will be nuttin' but ol style bird-n-taters-n-gravy.

And olives from the can. None of this olive bar shit.::

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