••• Thursday, November 11, 2004

Thunky Thursday: Some Stuff I Thunk, On Thursday
I'm very excited at having lost a few pounds over the last few months. I'm particularly noticing that my ass is smaller, but still nice and round. My thighs have shrunk considerably too. Problem is, my stomach has stayed the same size. And still, nice and round. Because the rest of me is shrinking, it appears even bigger. And still, nice and round. I fear I'm gonna end up looking like this:

Aunt Guacapolie Olie*.

In case you didn't know, the Olies are a Disney Playhouse family.

While doctoring the photo last night, I consulted with my sweet hubby on caricature accuracy. He said it was pretty good but wondered if I couldn't find an Olie standing sideways, you know, to get the truest impression of my tummy. You know, nice and round. Gosh, how I love that man.

Can you hear me now?
I'm sensing a new a new wireless marketing campaign on the verizon. I'm seeing dogs with little reception bars hanging over their asses, while they perform various doggy chores in notoriously low reception areas such as the Iditarod. And just remember, you heard it here first.

Associate This...

  1. Small Talk:: I suck at it
  2. Evidence:: Sneeze juice
  3. Drifting:: My brain, always
  4. Hostage:: Crisis
  5. Beauty:: Crisis
  6. Automatic:: For the People
  7. Asking for it:: Rape victim
  8. Visene:: Tears that glow (under black light)
  9. No strings attached:: Runaway kite
  10. Frizz:: (frizzy) Blues
And don't forget

*You never see her. Lives in the attic. A little on the Butch side. Not Disney material

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