••• Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Wednesday's Special: Knuttin' But Knittin'
In comments, Bron asked if I was really, truly all done with the garter square afghan. Well Bron, that's a mighty fine question. Straight forward and direct and highly suspect. 'Cause I think you've been keeping count of my squares. That being the case, then you already know that I'm not entirely done with the afghan. But it's good enough for me and it's good enough for him, per a recent afghan square deal. The afghan is done in terms of required length. It needs one more row to maintain pattern symmetry.

Symmetry Schymmetry. I'm free.

After I finished the square Friday night, I was desperate for some immediate knitification. And there's no better immediate knitification than a nice phat wristwarmer.

The yarn is Lion Brand Landscapes, which I was reluctantly impressed with. This piece was a tad on the large size, but after one round of washing, it came out just right. The yarn is 50% wool, so it felts a bit and gets nice furry glow. (Picture depicts pre-washing state.)

After finishing one wrist warmer late Saturday, I simply had to start in on the day's Booty from Threadbear (..ain't nothing like that weekend Booty...).

This is the first half of the Heart Scarf from Knitty's October Surprise insert. The yarn in use is two strands of Cascade 128 Tweed. This is a really fast knit and fun.

Here's a closeup shot.
Wouldn't this scarf pattern make a cute ::someone stop me now!:: afghan pattern? I'm thinking long heart strips sewn together in alternating direction. Hmmm.

And about my last post, I wrote it piecemeal over two days, under a variety of brain blurring circumstances. I have no idea what "mini session" refers to. Not only does it not belong in the paragraph, I have no recollection of writing it. And I hear the laughter of ye grammar gods...so y'all just simmah dawhn nawh.

Today's post was intentionally all about knitting. For the record, this was a difficult task for me.

May your humpday be as a fine Chardonnay. Light and dry with just a hint of woody.

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