••• Monday, December 27, 2004

Post Holidaze Gaze
I’m here. I survived.

I haven’t posted for a couple of reasons. First, I’ve had a hard time finding an interesting topic, without sounding like a holi-hatin’, whiney hiney.

Second, I’ve been sick with the boogers in the head. This malaise seems to have gummed up my creative flow, which you'll see for yourself by the end of this post.

The worst sick day left me confined to the couch all day, December 23. The very day my sister called to assign me a culinary role for the family party.

Hi Marc! How ya doing?

Not so good.

What’s wrong?

Sick. Boogers. Big ones.

Oh, I just got over that one. Seven weeks I had it.


I’m calling to see what you want to bring to the Christmas party.

What are you thinking?

Well, Jay’s bringing jello, mom’s bringing beans…can you make a couple of pies? Apple and Pumpkin?

Ahh, I kind of blew my pie wad with the six at Thanksgiving. Did I mention I was sick? ::sniffle:: Boogers. Big ones.

Party starts at six. Hope you feel better.

Booger shit.

Pardon me?

uh...A bigger hit. My pies...will be. At six. On Christmas. Buh-bye then.

Being sick took up one precious prep day, which left only one day for baking. A day I had already assigned for cookie baking with the Cakers. But, per family tradition, there must be pie for Christmas.

Or someone would die.

And it's all on me.

After about 10 minutes of obsessing and rationalizing (ex: Cakers is too young to make cookies anyway)and on the verge of a tearful boogburst, I received a divine insight.

Let Go and Let God Costco.

The Costco caramel apple and pecan pies were a hit. As was the pre-packaged quiche for our Christmas brunch.

And nobody died.

And The Cakers and I had a blast loving up these meeses to peeses.

Despite the pre-celebration stress, Christmas Eve was filled with the magic of tradition. Such as leaving a snack for the big guy.

And, of course, there's the eating of the yuletide banana.

That Post-Holiday Sinking Feeling
Caker's favorite present was the Calico Critters ensemble.

It came with this family, and a couple rooms of furniture.

With no detail overlooked:

She also received some dolls, a sit-n-spin, puzzles....fun stuff.

So the day after Christmas, what was the most popular play item?
A sink full of bubbles, a soup ladle and a tupperware bowl.

Yo, Santa.

P.S. I'm Still feelin' under the weather, so I'll be posting light for the rest of the week.

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