••• Monday, December 06, 2004

Putting Out Fire With Gasoline
This felinious, incestuesque Bowie number took honors as my sole knitting mantra over the weekend. This was partly on account of my being a total knitiot (explanation later) but mostly on account my being married to a fine-assed bad boy who every once in awhile, likes to get his bender on, stay up half the night and listen to the Cat People soundtrack.

Because of this observable, albeit infrequent behavior pattern, "Cat People" is now code for the highest degree of single malted celebration.

For example, on the rare occasion my husband doesn't come to bed until 4:30 a.m., I'm likely to sleepily inquire "Cat People?" before becoming roused enough to get pissy about being roused enough to get pissy

"No Cat People" is a wife's reminder to a husband of his avowed duty to maintain the sanctity of his beloved's need for sleep, as she heads to bed on a worknight. Said admonishment also provides two to three hours of bitching rights the following day, in the event the "Cat People" moratorium is ignored.

How, exactly, does this tie into knitting?

Oh yeah.

Seems like every time I'm about to accomplish something knitworthy, it blows up. Like, well, trying to put out fire with gasoline.

I knit this scarf and hat set for a family our office adopted for Christmas. The yarn matches a jacket purchased for the same recipient and the deadline for gift packaging approaches.

The scarf pattern is a broken rib and the hat pattern is from the Yarn Girls. Because my yarn gauge was bigger than the pattern requirements, I made what seemed to be some simple math adjustments. Evidently my math skills came up short..er..long. The hat was too big.

Having already experimented with washing this yarn and perceiving the shrinkage as minimal, I tossed the hat into the machine with nary a concern.

But instead of shrinking gladly, the hat turned out quite sadly. It shrunk. Way. I now have myself another ill-fitting hat. And another hat to knit.

It seems like my favorite pastime has gone from knitting to throwing good yarn after bad, to taking two steps forward and one step back, to putting out fire with gasoline. ::Whew. Finally, the tie in.::

Even though the yarn store was closed and I was unable to start a hat anew, I despaired not.

'Cause when the going gets tough, the tough get...

...A Shot of Monday Morning Beaver

Okay, it's not a beaver. It's a Teddy Hood from The Knitter's Stash. The white yarn is Lambs Pride and the Beavfur is some furlike stuff I bought somewhere. (I'm currently functioning on about 4 hours sleep and not in a linky kind of mood..)

From Beaver to My Beloved Browns
As in Men in Brown.
As in Deliverance from Elann.
As in More Shit to Knit for Christmas.

This is wool for felted clogs. My son finally agreed to let me knit him something. For Christmas. Whee. Not.

This is some big, fat, not as soft as I imagined 100% Alpaca, earmarked for another stab at the Heart Scarf from Knitty's October surprise.

Yikes, I'm tired.

Create Your Own Holiday Magic
I found this cool link to a Make-Your-Own-Snowsite over at Jewels Purls.
Be warned: It's addictive. So don't go all flaky on me...

Disclaimer:For several reasons, it's taken me two days to piece this post together. At this writing I'm operating on about 4 hours sleep, after a long work/mom/wife day. Proper editing is likely not forthcoming.

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