••• Thursday, December 02, 2004

Thunky Thursday
A few months ago The Cakers pointed to this picture in my bedroom and said "Who's that, Momma?"

"That's Momma when she was a girl."

She stares at the picture in apparent disbelief and then laughs. "That's not you, Momma. You're silly." I look at the picture and think "Girl, your momma invented silly."

A few weeks later, as she mulls over the picture again, Cakers says "Momma, are you that girl?"

"Yes. I was that girl."

She gazes at the picture for a few moments, before darting off to another Cakersesque adventure.

Last week she leans into the picture, in what has now become a familiar pose, and says "Momma, that's you with long hair."

"Yes, honey, that's me with long hair."

"You're such a pretty girl."

"Thank you, Ana."

"I love you Momma."

"I love you too, Ana."

Yeah, Sweetcakes, this aging shit takes some getting used to. I will always see that girl in your old mama. And now you will always see your old mama in that girl. It's called reconciliation. It's all good.

Go Left...! No, Other Left.....!
Remember the blind guy in Romania who stole a car and drove it into a tree, then blamed the accident on his being lost? He seemed to have found his way after all. ** In the village of the blind, the farsighted man who lets the blind guy drive is on crack. Is there an offense known as Driving Under the Influence of a Drunk Seeing Eye Guy? DUIDSEG.

Hopefully the Romanian officials have finally wised up and revoked this guys license for good. I mean, geez laweeze, what's it gonna take?

Mutter This

  1. Limited time only:: Redundant
  2. Voluptuous:: Statue
  3. Nutritionist:: Mealy-Mouthed
  4. Belt:: In the mouth
  5. Star crossed:: Eyes Crossed
  6. Snakeskin:: Lover
  7. Athlete’s foot:: Fast
  8. Boom:: Boom Boom. Out go the lights.
  9. Freezer:: Burns
  10. Store hours:: Limited Time Only

And gimme a "W"
gimme an "o"...

*I initially made the cheerleading squad because 14 girls tried out and there happened to be fourteen uniforms and I happened to have the 14th highest score. I was your classic cheertard. But damn if I wasn't cute as a bugs butt.

**Sometimes I don't see errors or necessary rewrites or better ways of sayin' somethin' in my post until it's officially up and running. And sometimes I think of something else I thought I wanted to say but not until after I said the rest of it so sometimes I publish about 14 zillion times in succession. Does that show up in bloglines? I'm sorry if it does. I haven't tried bloglines yet, but I will. I have been feeling all self-conscious about stuff like that. And stuff. Thank You.

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