••• Friday, December 31, 2004

Thunky Thursday
Or...Some things I thunk on Thursday, as follows:

What I Thunk Thing #1: It is still Thursday, right?

What I Thunk Thing #2: It's Friday? Already? WTF?

What I Thunk Thing #3: What a great idea, that my husband thunk we should go to the cottage for New Year's.

What I Thunk Things #5 & 6: We need a Cottage Bitch.

Today's view of the lake, through the front window:

Health Me, Rhonda.
Physically, I'm feeling much better. Thanks for the good thoughts.

Emotionally, however, I've had a lowgrade heartache all week. And The Cakers is tired of my nearly constant, needy clutch. And I'm exhausted from the impact of apocalyptic nightmares, three nights running.

On a much (MUCH) lighter note, I hope to have a knitting update real soon. Not this year. But maybe the next.

In the Meantime
It's meandertime...

  1. holiday:: Blues
  2. fault:: Not Mine
  3. beep:: Barry Pyne (hi beep)
  4. bubble:: Shy of Plumb
  5. needle::...in, damage done
  6. fare:: Scarborough
  7. treat:: Rice Krispie
  8. express:: Myself
  9. webcam:: Ski Resort
  10. capital:: Idea

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