••• Friday, December 10, 2004

Tis the Season
Is my favorite sport
I like the way they dribble
Up and down the court.
-Basketball by Kurtis Blow

I like how the ball
Is big enough to see.
But the gist of the game
Is lost on me.
-Basketball Verse 2 by Me

Tonight is the first game of the last season of my son’s basketball career. Where does the time go? While very excited about the start of the season, I wasn’t prepared for the accompanying sense of sadness. Three years ago, high school felt like forever. In less than a year, my baby will be going away. To get hisself all grown. (Well, okay. Maybe not all grown. Not right away, anyway. Right Sandy?)

Speaking of big balls...While googling for Sisyphus, I came across this cool site, where I found a most excellent Baller Themed gift for my son.

Go Team.

It’s a Beautifur Day in the Beaver Hood
I’ve not been making great strides on the Teddy Beaver Hoodlet thangy, which needs to be completed by Saturday morning. But with all the basketball Jonesin', I’m thinking The Beav ain’t gettin' any, tonight.

Regardless, hows'bout we wax bikini poetic a bit, while reviewing Beavfur growth.

Mondays Beav is fur of face,
Tuesdays Beav is fur of grace,
Wednesdays Beav is fur of "whoa,"
Thursdays Beav is fur "to go",
Fridays Beav is loving and giving,
Saturdays Beav works hard for her living,
And the Beav that rests on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

Mutter Matter

  1. Delightful::Laugh
  2. Impact:: Sudden
  3. Consolation:: Prize
  4. Donation:: Salvation
  5. Blue moon:: Once inna
  6. Grinner:: Husband
  7. Smoker:: Husband
  8. Muse:: Goddess
  9. Tweet:: Tweet
  10. Guitar:: Zan

And of course, the final word.

Have restful weekends, all.

Think happy, bouncing, ballsy thoughts for the home team.

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