••• Thursday, January 06, 2005

Blazing Addles
Here's the latest flicker from Blaze.

As of 10 minutes ago, I've been fighting overwhelming thoughts of an alpacan arson nature. I'm not so hot on this piece. The spark is gone. I don't like the way it looks. Flat out...er..Round out.

From the PU Swhine Newscenter: The Society of Benevolent Meteorological Confluences has officially bestowed a Snow Day upon Miss Marcy's here-to-now, meteorlogically unbenevolated (aka Unsnowdayed) ass. We now return to our regular broadcast.

Evidently the issues I was having with the left shot cable were not related to my needle free cabling. They were somehow related to me. My leftward cables look like delicate, raw hamburger twists.

I'm incabable. And it burns. Baby. Burns deep. Like the third day of bladder wrack. Untreated.

From the Smaller Font News Alert Addendum Center: Previous statement should read ..."meteorlogically unbenevolated and mighty fine ass."

I'm thinking of ripping it back to the beginning of the first round of left cable. I fear, however, that if I go down that fire lane, I may just keep going. Right on to the shit can.

I think I'll let the embers burn a day or so before making my decision. One goal I have this year is to take the suck out of unsuckcessful knitting.

But yeah, it burns. Baby.


  1. Newspaper:: Headlines
  2. DVD:: Underwear
  3. Resolution:: Talkin' 'bout a..
  4. Intimate:: Whispers
  5. Song:: Swan
  6. Essential:: Ingredients
  7. Whistle:: While you work
  8. Glass:: Houses
  9. Countdown:: To summer
  10. Child:: My love

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