••• Monday, January 10, 2005

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Yikes! Monday morning already? Where have I been?
1. Knitting like a

2. Doing laundry.

3. Cooking for my family

4. Cooking for my freezer.
::I have this obsession with preparing meals and putting them in the freezer for future use. It makes me feel good. It relieves me of midweek meal prep pressure. Unfortunately, I have an equally prevalent aversion to using said food. It’s kind of like those people who put plastic on their living room furniture, to save it for company. Except they never have company. For these people, the thought of pristine furniture is more important than the practical application of having it. For me, the thought of having the food in the freezer is more important than the practical application of eating it. The food in my freezer is the ultimate comfort food. The mere existence of it comforts me. The thought of eating it, however, takes my breath away. Back to therapy?

5. Basketball Jonesin' :: My son’s team made the state top 10 AP ratings in its class.::

6. Exercising. ::With the onset of winter, I've been struggling to transition from daily walks to indoor events, such as the elliptical machine. I'm proud to say that I've cardioed four out of the last four days. I've also been using the Ab Lounger I bought my husband for Christmas. And is ab lounger a stupid name for exercise equipment, or what? And after four consecutive days of ab lounging, my stomach definitely looks smaller and feels tighter. But I'm more than a little sore. In fact, right now I'm kind of worried that I pulled something. Like a spleen.::

7. More knitting like

Speaking of Knitting and Fire...
....I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot....-Jack London

Thanks to those of you who provided feedback on Blaze. After stepping away from it for a day, I decided that, aside from two truly fugly rows, I was overreacting a bit and that I really love this pattern, with this yarn. So I proceeded, without ripping a stitch. Thanks Norma, Staceyjoy, Margene, et al, for the collective reality smackdown upside my head.

A Very Special Thanks to Marcia C, who suggested that I try twisting the stitch following the loopy cable as a remedy. It definitely made a big difference. Another weird thing, it appears that the bad rows have corrected themselves a bit, as the garment has grown. Whether it’s a real phenomenon or an optical illusional gestalt-like figment of my imagination, who cares?

Here's the latest shot. But please be warned. Because I wasn't happy with the color results, I enhanced the color. Or overenhanced. ::Yes Pamela A, there is such a thing.:: So, to protect the delicate inner machinations of your vision system, please don't gaze the Blaze for more than a few seconds at a time.

Edit note: I was able to doctor the color after all. Not great. But not toxic.

In the meantime. Have a Monday.

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