••• Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!!

The Shit of Knit. Begone.
Over the holiday break, I had hoped to get some serious cleaning, clearing and reorganizing accomplished. Silly moi had even planned on a blog makeover. Insert loud snort.

I was, however, able to separate some shit from the knit, in both my real time work space and the cyber. The real time knit/shit separation was actually kind of fun, in a decadently wasteful, freeing kind of way. After (not so) judiciously selecting one or two unfinished projects to save, I simply threw the rest away.

Yes, I said I threw the rest away.
Away. As in in the trash.
Away. As in as is.
Away. As in The Shit Be Gone.

No unfinishable pieces cluttering my bin. Or my brain.

No piles of unraveled, bedraggled string, flagging failure.
Nagging for redemption.

No. None of it.
'Cause The Shit, it Be Gone.

On my side bar, there are changes to reflect my newly clean spirit. I've updated my project lists, and tossed out the tossable.

You may have noticed the “Operation Bust My Balls” logo. For 2005, busting my balls (yarn stash) will be a personal priority. Of course, I'm not making any promises.

Any project in progress (and any eventually completed, of course) which puts to use yarn I’ve owned for at least one year (=stash), will go under this sign. While I'm not on a yarn diet, per se, I'm definitely going to focus on what I have, before I pursue what I don't. Unless, of course, I do.

Finding The Lost Luggage of Great Expectations
While packing my knitting for the long weekend, I had great expectations of the accomplishment variety.

Number one on my list of knitorities was a pair of felted clogs for my father-in-law. An unfinished, er, unstarted Christmas present, turned New Years present, now, heh, Groundhog’s Day?

Unfortunately, I brought along the wrong needles for this project, and the local yarn store was bitterly unable to fill the bill.
::Says the knit hag to the hopeful, whilst waggin’ a finger at the barren peg board, “See that hook? It’s empty. If I had any 13’s, they would be right there. As you can see, (Jane, You Ignorant Slut), my needle situation is not good."

Neither is your PR, I might addi. And no bamboo? Shoot.::

So I moved on to the next of kin on my knit list, Knitty’s Blaze

The yarn is Cascade Indulgence, from my stash, courtesy of last year's preoccupation with hoarding as much of this stuff as I could get my grubbin’ mitts upon. A task to which my favorite Sugar Thread Bears were so willing to lend a helping paw.

So rarely do I use the called for yarn in a pattern, I’m feeling kind of superstitious about this one.

However, considering twas I who so handily put the suc(k)in Suckcessful Knitting, I've got nowhere to knit but up, right? S,lite.

Love Big.
Hate Wisely.
Blessings to You and Yours.

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