••• Monday, January 31, 2005

I've Seen Better Days
Where the hell've I been?
Here. That's where. Sickern a dog.
Everything hurts. My head, my throat, my skin, my teeth. Even my breath, so I've been told.

It's probably just the flu. And no. I didn't get a flu shot. Every year, right outside my office door, the health department holds their little vaccine clinic. And every year, I decline. So, at my work place, whenever anybody gets the flu, the first question asked is "did you get a flu shot?"

It's bad enough to have to feel like shit for three to five days. Do we really need to add insult to injury by blaming the victim?

Knitting Knews
I did finish my Blaze sleeve.

And, as promised, Blaze was set aside, so I can finish me Must Have cardie.

After seaming the shoulders on the Must Have, I went to fetch my size 6 circulars. I knew just where they were, too, still attached to my Blaze sleeve.

Wrong. Still attached to my Blaze sleeve was my size five circ. I forgot to change to larger needles after the ribbing. Which means that I did the entire sleeve in a too small needle. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it. The thought of having to start anew does not inspire.

I have made some progress on my Must Have.

The neckline is done, and one sleeve set, which I immediately commenced to seam up. When I was nearly finished with it (using mattress stitch)I noticed it was pulling funny. Upon further investigation, I realize that I tacked the sleeve to itself in three different spots. Definitely a hazard of the mattress stitch, in the hands of one too goofy for description.

I was too tired and too woozy to do anything about it last night. I'm kind of feeling the same right now. Flu blogging takes it right out of a person.

Nap time.

P.S. I'm running way behind on my blog ketchups and email correspondence. sorry.

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