••• Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Lookin' Hang Blogged
This month, around the knit blogosphere, there's been a notable theme of renewal and change. Specifically, there’s been a lot of talk about taking stock of stash, as well discussion and examination of a variety of approaches to yarn consumption (yarn diets, yarn diet backlash, or the anti-yarn-diet diet, healthy yarn consumption in lieu of diet, Yarn for Sex programs, etc.).

Regarding my own yarn use, in the upcoming year I hope to make a considerable dent in my stash, a la my Operation: Bust My Balls program. But I’m not making any promises. My goal is to reduce my stash, so as to reduce the stress I experience when I look at my stash.

I initially considered a yarn diet, but decided that the "withhold" approach (i.e. No buying shit, to not knit) doesn’t work for me. So I set a positive, measurable goal: Knit the shit I got. Besides, I'm kind of oppositional and don’t take well to direct orders and/or moratoriums(Yes I do. No I don't), self-imposed or otherwise.

One of my other goals for the new year is (was) to overhaul my blog. I want a completely new look, from snout to short and curly (Pig’s tail, ahem. And while I’m parenthesizing…have you seen Kim's new digs? I’m lovin’ it!) But I have no idea how to do it myself, or where to go to find out.

A smaller item on my New Year agenda was (is) to clean out my Blogger Draft bin, which I’m in the process of doing. Just as I did with my WIP's a while back, I’m going through the draft bin to decide what's selvagable, and tossing the stuff I will never use (i.e. boring topics, unused MEME’s, and one sentence fragment, context unknown). I did find a couple of concepts that I will attempt to reprise for publication. Although it may be hard to recapture the original spirit of intent.

There is one post, however, which will be redeemed and published, hopefully soon. I started this one last February, in response to the publicized breakup of a high profile (although stature-ally challenged) public couple. Since last February, let Mattel ya, the story line has taken a few twists and turns. So if ya Ken, hang on just a sMidge longer. Because this story, well, let's just say, you won't wanna Skipper.

Whatcha Think?
One of the draft posts under review contained a couple of my own pathetic attempts at “do it yourself blog décor” (It’s amazing what you can/can’t do with a little Paint . Program.).

New Purls icon?

Or a round of Lithium?

Okay, she’s horrid. But kind of growing on me…..

(She sort of looks like my PE teacher from High School. Crazy. Sexy. Pig. Like.

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