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The Midgina Chronicles:An Introduction
About a year ago, I started a post in response to Mattel announcing
that, after 40 years of couplehood, Barbie and Ken were breaking up. My initial response to this news (national news, mind you. WTF?) was Who the hell is Mattel to be dictating whooze zoomin' who (I know, it's whom. But when Aretha cares, I'll care.) in the privacy of our homes?

It was then that I had the idea to tell the real story. About Midge and Ken. In 1968. Together. All stiffy and shit. In my very own living room.

Almost tandem to Mattel's proclamation (which made the national news. wtf?), this
story was building steam. Of course, I then felt compelled to incorporate the political into the personal, with rather bad results.

Bringing in the political, caused me to first lose my focus, then my inspiration.
And back in February of 2004, my original intent in writing about life with Midge and Ken and Francie and Casey and Skipper and Scooter (okay, I didn't have Scooter)and Tuti and Todd (okay, no Tuti. Or Todd.) was the same as most of my other posts. I just wanted to tell a story.

That being said, The Midgina (like vagina, with a Midge) Chronicles are not yet ready for publication. In fact, it's taking me some time to cut away the crap and recapture the original spirit of the post. In other words, I'm starting over, from scratch.

However, the act of getting this little introduction (complete with links, no less) out of the way, has helped organize the story-line-boarding-dock that lives in my brain.

My-tinerary This Week
(Yeah, I'm ramblin'. And whining, too.)
1)Monday: Work, go home,workout, fix dinner, do dishes, play with The Cakers, knit a bit, go to bed.
2)Tuesday: Work, get hair cut and colored, go to basketball game, knit a bit, drink a bit, go to bed.
3) Wednesday: Work, go home, workout, fix dinner, do dishes, bathe The Cakers, decide I’m sick of my current knit project, drink more than I did yesterday, go to bed.
4)Thursday: Work, attend meeting after work, drive (rush) cross town and be late to a varsity basketball team dinner I’m co-hosting, go home, think about having a drinking problem drink, knit a bit, go to bed.
5)Friday: Work, Go to eye doctor, go home, work out, attend basketball game...well, you can guess the rest.
That's my life this week, so far. Minus the drinking. No, really!

::Although last night I did think about it. Since I was out of the Vernors half of my fav, Vanilla Rum and Diet Vernors (it’s Michigan's favorite ginger ale.) I went straight to bed.::

Have Cardie. Must Finish
I didn’t do any knitting last night. This was partly because I went to bed early. (Well, I went to bed on time, which is early, for me). But I must admit, I'm suddenly sick of knitting the Blaze.

Maybe it's motion sickness.
With all that round and round.
And round.
Some more.

So far, I am satisfied with the sleeve adaptations for the ¾ length, even though it may be a smidge wide. In case anyone is interested, for the ¾ length adaptation, I cast on for one size smaller, then added one increase round, at prescribed intervals.

While knot knitting and rifling through drawers and cabinets and garbage bags and kitty litter, and the trunks of cars in my neighbors' drive, in search of just one little splash of diet Vernors, I heard a voice inside my head say: "Have Cardie, Must Finish. And the Vernors is gone, you pathetic sot. Get your sorry ass to bed. On time. For once. "

::I know what you're thinking. That I have a writing-about-drinking-problem. Well, you're wrong. I can stop any time. ::

And thus, a knitversion (like a diversion, but more knittery) is born.

And serendipitously thus, today I happen to click over to Norma's place (so glad you’re feeling better darlin'. I’ve been meaning' to drop ya a line! :-P ) and see that the Must Have Cardie Knit-Along has been reprised.

I know that there are several participants from the the original "Must Have" Knit-Along, who have not yet finished. And at one time, I thought about starting up a "Must Have" Finish-Along. But that's about the time I was introduced to the pleasures of writing about Bicardi.

Anyway, a "Must Have" Reprise-a-long works just as well, if they’ll have me. I mean, all I have left to do is block, seam and rib. (How pathetic, is that?) I even blocked it once, already.

So, skip that. Jack.

This is an old shot of my Must Have. I took some updated pictures a couple weeks ago, but evidently didn't load them. For anyone interested, the yarn I'm using is Elann's very own Peruvian Collection worsted.

The Dearth of a Meme
La announced last week that she will no longer do the weekly Meandering MEME. And just today I noticed I haven’t done one in a couple of weeks. While the omission was unintentional, on a conscious level anyway, I think I’m joining La in only participating in this one when it’s particularly interesting. The last few seemed kind of lame (limpy)(gimpy)(pulpy) (fiction)(friction) to me, anyway.

..to those of you who offered to help me with the remodeling job. I wasn't really expecting anything like that. At all. You guys rock!

My main interest, at this point, is to develop a new mascot, icon (button!) and related banner. Please know that it's very, very difficult for me to ask friends and family for help, let alone near strangers. That being said, I may be taking some of you up on offers, eventually. But I Must Have a Cardie to finish.

Here's another sample from my draft bin (btw, I can't even remember how I did this. I know it was with the Microsoft Paint that came with my computer. I could't duplicate it to save a pig's life):

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