••• Friday, January 14, 2005

My Girl Fried, Eh?
This is my brain on Mondays.

This is my brain today.

This is a scarf I'm knitting from yarn my husband purchased for me at a tea shop in the building where he works which used to be a meat packing plant and where there are still cow-hanging hooks from which the current property owners hang lovely begonia plants in the summertime.

I believe that because I received as a gift yarn purchased from a tea shop which is housed in a building where dead cows once hung from hooks from which now hang flowers (but not now exactly because now exactly it's between 800 to 847 fucking degrees below zero), a hex has been perpetrated against my household, the full ramifications of which will likely be unrealized for generations. Or at least March.

These are some cones of baby alpaca.

I practically stole them from here.

These are some cones of baby alpaca which will never amount to anything because the yarn is dirty and needs to be skeined and washed. By me. I knew the full extent of these post purchase responsibilties pre-purchase. I'm sure this turn of events will be perceived as being unfair by baby alpacas and their supporters everywhere. All I can say to them is just be glad you're not a cow. Well hung or otherwise.

I bought the book Eats Shoots and Leaves. For some reason I want to call it Eat Shit and Die .

Or is it Eat, Shit, and Die?

Or Eat. Shit. And. Die.

Or...Shit. Never mind.

Shit, never. Mind?

Shit. Never. Mind.

Shit? Never! Mind?

Shit never mind.
Really. It don't.

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