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Shameless Plug. No, Really. You'll see
I am honored to have received not one but two mentions in at JenLa's Best of.. list.

If you're new here and looking for the second shameless post on bodily functions, I assume the knotty girls are referring to On With the Flow, September 16, 2004. Sticking with the theme, you might also find some interesting crap on August 19, 04.

Ring of Fire
Thanks for the nice compliments on my Blaze. Also, thank you for not, to my face anyway, pointing out that the wribbing was, uh, wrong.

Here it is, uh, right:

I believe that I possess above average intelligence. I have a couple of college degrees (and contrary to East Lansing Lore, I did not spend that many of my undergrad years dancing to the beat of “Oh what a feeling, heels to the ceiling….” )

After I posted the picture on January 1, I experienced a nagging sensation of something amuck. Upon closer inspection of the actual piece, I noticed that the reverse side of the ribbing looked almost identical to the cable pattern.

Wow, thinks I. Jenna really dropped the skein on this pattern. If she would’ve put the inside of the ribbing on the outside, it would delightfully morph into the cable pattern.

I’m a genius.
I should tell someone.
About the pattern, that is.
The genius will speak for itself.
Says Barn.
Right, Ayng?

After reexamining the pattern instructions, however, I experienced that familiar wave of stupidity wash o'er my WaySorry MayBerryass.

4x2 ribbing was purl x knit. Not knit x purl.

In fairness to my inner Fife, the text of the pattern instructions calls for “4x2 ribbing.” Simple enough, k-4, p-2. Because it was simple enough, I didn’t refer to the stitch pattern glossary for the ribbing definition, which was squeezed to the left of Jenna's luscious profile.

I was distracted. Can ya blame me?

Besides, who needs a definition of 4x2 ribbing?

Evidently me and the Barn do. That's who.

This is not a hard pattern, but it is heavily encabled. As in every other row, every three (out of 230 something) stitches. Round and round. On and on.

The thought of ripping it all out (casting on and the first round was quite the bitch) and starting anew made me wanna drink cry. So I ripped back to the ribbing, flipped it, did a short row turn about and was back in the game. A momentary smackdown perpetrated upon the Fifester.

When I work with cables, I like to dry dock the cable needle between my lips. Because of the frequency of the cables with this pattern, round and round and on and on, the cable hook in the lips routine was giving me a headache and the taste of metal had set my fillings on high alert. So I thought to try the cabling without needles thing.

After shopping around for the best Fife friendly read (Robbyn, of course), I commenced on a self educatory knitting adventure. I caught on to this right off and thought it was going well.

About five rows into it, I stepped away for a bit. Upon returning to task, I noticed that things weren’t going well after all. My unneedled cables had developed an odd left loopy issue, which brought to mind the ears of Mr. Peepers or maybe a delightful French filigree pastry.

Both items have a place in this world. Neither of these places is in my knitting. Thank you very much.

So for now, I'm sticking with my cable in, cable out of the mouth routine. As you can see, I'm getting kind of proficient at it. Monkey Drool notwithstanding.

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