••• Sunday, January 23, 2005

Snow Ho
Here’s the view that greeted me, first thing Saturday morning. (This is a patio table on the deck off my bedroom):

While such a sight may quite delight a knitter (or school personnel, had it been a Monday!) it was quite a heartbreaker for my little Stumblelina, whose dance class was cancelled, on account. Of course, she insisted on wearing the garb-a-tard, all day.

And even if she’s not the lightest feather in the cap, this sweet lummox will always hold first position in my heart.

My husband went up north snowboarding this weekend, leaving me snowbound with a snowbored toddler. Between reading book upon book, piecing puzzle upon puzzle and unpeeling and repeeling a ballerina in and out of her ‘tard, in the WC (or, as we say in ballet circles, “dubya vay say”), I had little time for solitary recreation.

Post-Cakers bedtime, however, I was able to flicker my way up a Blaze sleeve.

I’m making the sleeves ¾ length, instead of short, and am winging the adaptation. Given my history with such things, it will no doubt head south at some point. To Mayberry.

Pacifically Speaking…
Thursday, the mailman delivered a special package all the way from California. JenLa contest booty. Payment for cryptic (i.e. not well thunked thru) participation in a recent contest.

The yarn is Brunswick’s “Rio”, a cotton blend. The camera can’t do the tasty colorway much justice. The best way to describe it is “Themes of Mocha Latte.” I also received a special bonus gift, these “nadorable” marker charms (which The Cakers promptly absconded with.)

I’m not sure what the yarn will grow up to be, but there is plenty for a little summer tee or maybe a lacy wrap.

In the Village of the Illiterate...
....The Ho' with Spellcheck is Queen

1001 apologies for the typo/grammo riddled post of yore.* It seems that when I over-obsess, I tend to over-edit, which creates more problems than I started with. In the most recent example, every correction I made seemed to cause yet another grammomaly, unbeknownst to me. I missed the new errors, until I reread the post just yesterday. Even my husband noticed the mistakes. And HE DO'NT NO GRAMMER NOR SPELLING FORM A WHOLE IN THE GRUND. PLUS HE ONLY RIGHTS AND TYPES IN CAPS. (hI hONEY. oLIVE oIL!)*

I hope I didn't cause permanent damage to anyone's rhetoric sensibilties. I fully understand if I make the grammar avengers hit list. Again. For my punishment, you are hereby invited to Eat, Shoot and/or Leave me.

*First time he told me that he loved me, he mumbled it and I thought he said Olive Oil. Olive Oil?
**I fixed as many as I could.

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