••• Monday, January 17, 2005

Spanking Kevin Bacon
While channel surfing over the weekend, I came across the VH1 special on the making of the movie "Animal House." Just as I happened upon the channel, I hear the actor who played Nedermeyer say..."spanking Kevin Bacon."

The words hung with me all weekend, like bad pork. Thus, a post was named.

I've been busy. As in one-legged-man-in-butt-kicking-contest busy. As in three- varsity- basketball- games-two-trips-to-the-laundry-mat-dance/stumbling-class-for-The-Clodhopper-Cakers-all-in-one-week, busy.

Lots of stories behind the above paragraph. I'm not sure, however, if any will be told, as this week is looking a bit perturbed already.

I do have something for Glow-and-Tell. My Blaze.

One more inch on the body and I'm ready to move on to the sleeves.

Did I mention how I love this pattern? With this yarn? It's kind of calming, to go round and round. Soft and soft.

And please, no spanking the bacon on this, but I believe that I have mastered the anti-needle cable.

I know it's not like me to be so brief, but I am.

Have a Monday.

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