••• Monday, February 28, 2005

Blah Blah Blah de Dah
Big Balls Update: Friday, we lost.

No. Make that We got our hiney’s wiped. But not for lack of trying on my boy’s part. First half, he kept their lead scorer (and big talk about town playa) to 5 or 6 points, I think.

My son, the gnat.

We were only down by 4 at the half (remember, without 2 starters, lead scorers, etc.), after which the opposition laid their vengenance upon us. We were just too short handed and the remaining squeezes just ran out of steam.

By 4th quarter, I think the coach decided to pull the plug and gave the second string some get your hiney wiped time playing time, so the big guys can rest for upcoming Districts.

Round 1 of districts is tonight (Lord willing and the blizzard holds off). If we win, we play the Hiney Wipers again, on Wednesday. The team we play tonight is mediocre, but ended the regular season on an upswing upset.

If we "show up" from here on, I honestly believe we can go the distance, including taking down the Hiney Wipers. But if we're off, well, it won't be pretty. And since we were the media darlings early in the season, if we fall on our face now, the flying monkeys will have a hay day.

A Maxi-Pad Moment
No, not that again. I promise. I’m talking about self-absorbency at it’s best. I found a link to this place Self-Portrait Day over at Heather’s (congrats Heather, for making the list!) and was instantly intrigued, in a super-suck-maxi-thin-self-absorbent kind of way.

Okay, I’m not that self-absorbed, but I think it’s a cool idea and I’m going to enter. And here’s why: Last summer, after arriving home from the Prince concert, and feeling a little royal myself, I decided to try my lens at bathroom self-portraiture. While I have indulged in this activity in the past, it was with a purpose, as in to show off a finished knit project, or a new doo.

On the evening in question, there was no pissin' point. Only loopy-assed fun.

So, I’ve had this file of pictures sitting in my hard drive. A few times I thought to just delete them, but couldn’t make myself do it. Then I saw that Kaetchen has an entire gallery devoted to bathroom self-portraiture, and thought that I might even be on to some new cool thing. But until this site came along, I hadn’t the nerve to share my little secret of the potty.

NOW my narcissistic trip to the loo has a special purpose, after all.

So, without further ado....(cue Prince)

U don't have 2 be rich
2 be my girl
U don't have 2 be cool
2 rule my world...

....I just want your extra time and your:


I haven't submitted my application to the site, yet. In the spirit of keeping it real, I want to make up a really, really cool sandwich to put down as my favorite. I mean, did you check out the sandwiches these people eat? There is some serious bread dropping going on. This is not your average p.-b.-and-j.-off-the-floor-a-la-3-second-rule-then-wrenched-from-the-death-grip-of-a-depraved-labrador crowd. No sir.

And I am nobody's token Sandwich Trash.
Not ever.

Knittin' Knuggets
I haven't had much time for knitting over the past week, but was able to steal a few moments over the weekend, to restart the Blaze sleeve. I forgot how much I love this pattern, floppy eared cables and all.

I have been giving considerable thought to my knitting horizons, and decided that said view does not include the Bella Paquita . (Sorry Girls).

I just can't make myself order the yarn for it, because every time I think of doing it, it stresses me out, because know that I need to knit what I got.

Once I made the decision to defer da Bella, I felt a light weight lifted. A light weight, because, even though my current resolve to not indulge is strong, my Ball Bustin’ plan is neither yet crystallized, which makes for a chink in my armor. But, since I've filled up plenty of space already today, I'll save the remainder of these musings for another.

In the meantime, have a Monday.

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