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No Valentines For Me
This is a good description of me, although the 48% seems kind of high. I think that score was a result of my numerous anti-social-esque responses, which I think makes me more of a loner, than a total B. But I definitely got my B. moments, fur shure. My first quiz run through resulted in a picture of Howard Stern. So, I went back and rethunk a couple responses.

I am 48% Asshole/Bitch.
Part Time Asshole/Bitch.
I may think I am an asshole or a bitch, but the truth is I am a good person at heart. Yeah sure, I can have a mean streak in me, but most of the people I meet like me.

Okay, Maybe a Couple Valentines for Me
Yah, the heart is kinda funny lookin'.

But sometimes, I think, we have to bend our hearts in a kinda funny lookin' way, to ensure everybody fits just right.

This shot was taken just before my son left for the Valentines dance (girls ask guys, of course).

So, girls, remember getting ready for the big high school dance? Prom, Valentines, homecoming? It was an all day affair. A soak in the tub, a shaving of the legs, nail polish, toe polish and an afternoon nap in pink sponge rollers. Okay, I’m old.

At my son’s school, the girls spend the afternoon at the beauty shop (I know this because I had a Saturday afternoon appointment, myself).

Here’s my son’s Dance Day itinerary:

10:30 a.m.-Get up “early” to pick up corsage.
10:40-Back in bed.
1:00-Get up again, and this time he really means it.
1:15-2:00- Lift weights in basement
2:00-3:00-Visit best friend who is in hospital with bad case of flu.
3:00-5:55-Hang out at other friend's house, shooting some hoops outdoors (beautiful day, dontcha know?) then playing poker.
5:55-Arrive home to frantic mother.
5:55-Inform frantic mother that he needs to be at his friend's house, ready for the dance, by 6:30.
5:58-6:01 Shower, Shave.
6:05-6:20-Drive over to dad's house, get dressed, drive back to mom’s house.
6:20-6:21-Pictures with baby sister.
6:23-Call friend (who was also playing b-ball and poker until 5:55) to ask if he can just swing by and pick him up, since it's on the way to the girls' rendezvous point.
6:25-6:30-Pace around waiting for ride to arrive while avoiding floating dog fur.
6:30-Ride arrives. Leave for dance.

Girls, remember the morning after the dance? Sharing little snippets of the evening with mom? Well, not all the snippets, but still, there was always a little bit of gossip, a little fashion critique, maybe a little romantic afterglow.

Here's my son's Sunday afternoon afterglow, which took place while he prepared and chowed down peanut butter and jelly waffles:

Mom: How was the dance?

Son: It was good.

Mom: Yeah? Like what?

Son: Well, ::chewing:: I only got a little bit sweaty.

Mom: I was thinking more along the lines of a love connection....

Son: Uh, no.

Mom: *Makeout?

Son: ::laughs:: Uh, no.

Mom: How was dinner? ::It was at a high society country club::

Son: Small portions. Great cheesecake.

Mom: Sounds like fun.

Son: Yeah. Good times.

Knittin' Knuttins
I really haven't had much time to assign myself a moment to get re-started on that Blaze sleeve. I did finish the coffee shop scarf last night, while watching Fargo on the VCR, between laundry loads, doncha know. (So Norma, how many times ya think they say Yah in that there film?)

I guess, since it is Valentines Day, and this is a knitting blog, it's a good time to share my new knit crush; this sweater.

A modified version (and my newest true love) can be found at Marnie's blog, under the February 9 post.

I gotta tell ya, I just can't stop thinking about this sweater. The directions (especially with modifications) look a little intimidating, but mostly it's in the construction, which I should be able to handle, being a former seamstress. Her instructions actually look very detailed and I like that she provides both charts and "verbose" instructions.

And I that she uses the word "verbose."

As the Cakers would say: "You mean it's Love Day? Today?"

Happy Love Day, everyone.

*Starting in the 7th grade, whenever Cam would leave the house to hang out with friends (sometimes including girls, but mostly not.) I'd give him the mom routine (I need to know where you are at all times, a parent/adult must be in the house...etc.) then I'd wrap it up with "And no making out." This has been our little joke for years.

When he was in the 8th grade, however, after the usual wrap up, he surprised me with "So Mom, when can I make out?" He was serious. Because we were in the car, one block from his dropoff destination, I deferred the discussion. And prayed all the way home that the question was not relevant to the evening's activities.

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