••• Monday, February 28, 2005

Okay, Okay
That other one came out smuttier than I intended. No, seriously.

I was simply combining the Post-Prince-concert-Kiss-song theme with Gene-Simmons-Of-Kiss-and-Longue-Tongue-Fame theme. And that's it! It was simply a theme thing. Theme. Thing. k?

And , just so yas know, the scrunchy-cleavage-self-portrait-in-the-john shot scheduled for tomorrow, has been offically cancelled.

I mean, I find nothing remotely phallic about that camera. Now some cameras, with the big, fat, intrusive lenses, yes, I could see that being, well, suggestive, to say the least. But this camera? No. It's a Ken doll manbutton at best. And that's only come to me since I've thought upon it for about, uh, the past 10 seconds.
No. It was a Prince Kiss/Simmons Kiss combo thing, and that's it. I swear...

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