••• Tuesday, February 22, 2005

You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Shot of Tequila
Is it Friday yet?

Weekend was great but no time to post about it now. Unfortunately, I finished up a fine time by attending another Meeting of the Muthas, Monday eve. It was so bad, and I'm not kidding, I had nightmares about these people last night.

When I finally arrived home my husband and son asked what was wrong and where I'd been. I confessed to trying to slit my wrists with my ice scraper, in the parking lot of the pizza shoppe. I then thought to drink some bleach, but there was only fabric softener, spilled all over my back seat, which tasted bad but gave my tongue a soft coat and lovely smell.


I'm now off to run the concession stand before my son's last league game of his life, for the conference title. I think I'm gonna hurl.

Anyway, here's a really stupid, I'm-No-Fluffa-And-Never-Will-Be, picture of my new hat, which worked really well, despite my having shortened it's life by about 2 inches through mortal stupidity.

The Cakers was a hoot on the slopes. Even though I forgot my camera, I was able create a reinactment of what she looked like on the 25 minute ride to the resort. Minus the pizza stains.

I am really, really late. Think winning thoughts for my boys team, as I pray to the sports gods to forgive me for missing my son's all time highest scoring game, this weekend past...sob.

Did I mention I'm really, really late? So be warned, this post was edited for jack.

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