••• Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The Balls
We won the first round in basketball districts. My boy played very well.

He had one rebound where he jumped so high, his head was even with the basket. He's only 5'10." It was like an illusion. There's this pile of bobbing heads under the basket, and here comes shorty, just a-floatin' above the fray.

He had some great steals as well. After the game, some of the other parents came up and asked me what I'd been feeding him.

Tomorrow, we meet up again with the ass-wipes, as in, the guys who wiped our asses, Saturday night last. This team is rated number 3 or 4 in the AP state rankings, for class B. Having seen them play, I honestly believe we could beat them, if everybody shows up. Then again, we could also tank.

Either way, for now, it makes for a brain-busy, preoccupadoed, nerve-whacking week. Thank goodness for stressbusters like Vanilla Rum and Vernors healthy food and medication meditation.

What the Hell is That Thing?
Yes, I'm weak. And a ham. And caving to peer pressure (from all two or three of youse) and sharing the results of my half-bath self portrait session, taken last summer. (For those who pushed for it, yes, there's a bit o cleavage. Just above the beavage.)

If interested, click here. (At the site, click on the smaller shots to bring them to the larger frame. And you'll have to back-page to get back-here. )

There is, however, one picture missing from the collection:

What the hell is that thing?

Hint 1: It's kind of personal. Well, not that personal.

Hint 2: Click on the picture, for a clearer, albeit tiny shot.

Hint 2-1/2: There's the red thing, on a specific section of body, as viewed from a unique, post-Prince-concert-drunken-night-in-the-john- perspective.

Would You Like to Play a Game?
Correctly identify the thing, and the area of body in question, (or the perspective, i.e. view) in comments, and you will be eligible to win 10 skeins of this:

It's 100% wool. Donegal Tweed. Vintage. From England. I'm guessing late 70's, and that's only from the label citing some 1976 code, under the posted weight. There is no length specified on the label, but it's 50 g. It might be sport weight, but there's no gauge identified on the label.

It's an interesting color, kind of a mauvey gray. I gave a friend a pile of it for felting. She made a bag, and it came out bee-u-tee-ful. Very lavenderish, with a nice bit of fur. If you win the contest, and you really, really like this stuff, and you ask real perty, I'll send you 15 skeins.

How am I being so generous? I bought 100, yes, as in 10x10, skeins off ebay 2 years ago. Let's just say, the purchase was made in the summer of my knitscontent.

So, the rules are: 1) Guess the "thing" and the body part upon which it lays. 2) Submit your guess in comments. 3) All correct answers will be put in an underwear drawer and the winner be drawn and quarter poundered with cheese.

Submissions will be taken until midnight of the day my son's basketball team loses. I'll keep you posted.

This Pot Edited: 3/2, du matin, for photo size and a few other, little things.

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