••• Thursday, March 03, 2005

Basketball Moans
Okay. My son's team lost, which, in itself is not a big surprise or even a huge disappointment. What is a big surprise, and sickening disappointment, is that the coach made my son’s last game of his high school career, a painful experience, on a personal level. I think Cam sat out more this game than any other (except when he was benched for tardiness to practice), and when he was in the game, he was not coached to his potential. It was a heart break, all around.

And then there's another issue, sniggling about. Passages.

A “last basketball game” precedes a “last prom,” leading to a “last final exam,” which heralds the first and last Walk to shake the principal’s hand. I have more to say on this. ::Don't I always? On anything?:: But not today.

Holy Guaca Mole, Batman!
Okay. My boy lost and the contest is officially over. And I must say, some of you have quite an eye for anomalies of the exodermic variety.

The Correct Answer Is: ::Maestro? Belly Roll, please::
That shot is, indeed, a view down my shirt. Past my cleavage. Straight to the Belly Roll, upon which lies a lovely, 3-d mole. I haven’t tallied up the correct answers yet, but hope to do so tonight.

It’s been a physically and emotionally draining week ‘round here, so bear with.

Thanks for the nice compliments on my pics. For the record, most of those shots were touched up with features from my photo software. As in, I done been blurred and softened. A lot.

And that pink protrusion is my tongue. And yes, that is a roll of toilet paper, sitting on the towel rack in one shot. And we even have one of those slide on/off toilet paper hanger thangies.

Knitting Knuggets
I’ve been working on my Blaze sleeve, but it’s not going well. I’m new to row counting clickers, and have made the painful discovery that they don’t work very well if you don’t, well, click ‘em. That being said, I think we need yet another knitvention: A row counter you click with your foot.

Anyway, some of my cable sections are shorter than others. I’m not sweating it though. I guess I’m not much of a sweater sweater. I will, however, be mindful to make the same mistakes on the second sleeve.

From the Little Known Facts on Crotch File

Camel Toe was invented by a man.

...and it behooves you to remember, you heard it here first.

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