••• Sunday, April 24, 2005

Be grateful for luck. Pay the thunder no mind - listen to the birds. And don't hate nobody.
~Eubie Blake
Thanks for all the good thoughts regarding my brother. I had a little email exchange with him last night. He's due home this week and promises that he's unharmed.

I'm feeling much better, although drained. In that email exchange, my brother couldn't promise that he's coming home for good. And honestly, while it's hard for some to understand, I'm not surprised at this. It's who he is.

But I'll think about all that another day.

While awaiting word on my brother, the other night, I finished the Mimi Toolong scarf. I had to try a few different scarf poses to find the best shot.

This wasn't that shot, but I still kind of like the tired, drippiness of it. A reflection of my emotional state, at the time.

I also liked the background shot of Cheddar and Old Man Khaki Ass.* Weird, that I don't remember them being in the viewfinder when I took the picture. Stress does strange things to the brain.

Here's a better shot of the scarf, although I just noticed the scarf and house kind of blend together.

The Cakers had her dance recital yesterday. It was tu, tu cute. If I get a minute, I may post about it. My brain has not yet recovered from the 24-hour crisis bug, and words just aren't flowing.

Thanks again, for all your good thoughts and prayers. Y'all rock.

*Have you ever noticed that whenever a fineassed, middle aged guy, puts on a pair of khakis, his butt gets old?.

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