••• Friday, April 08, 2005

Cottage Industry 

Dear Sisters of the Cystitis, thank you all for your words of support and encouragement. I’m pleased to announce (no, Kelle, not that!), my Pee Hole is doing mighty fine.

I have been working on a summary of my recent visit to the urgent care center. It seems, however, that the further I get from a seemingly inspiring event, the less interested I am in writing about it.

I had also planned on getting the Blaze sleeve issue resolved before leaving for the cottage, so I could work on it in the car. However, on the day of departure, between pissin’ poorly and preparing for the trip (i.e. putting together just the right knitting packages. One main project and two emergency.),I had no time to determine an adequate plan of sleeve action.

So, I made a last minute decision to cast on for an easy spring sumpin-sumpin, for me. A scarf. And in the three-hour car trip, I got quite a bit accomplished. Soon after our arrival, however, I developed an unforeseen hatred for the item, and ripped it out. I then spent most of yesterday, trying to make psychological amends by creating/finding the perfect scarf pattern. ::A Psychological Moment: I have this compulsion to make amends for wasted time and effort, by wasting, threefold, further time and effort.::

Long tail short, I decided on this:

The pattern, I found here

The yarn is this gawd-awful cotton shit, bought off Ebay a few years back. It's known as Cotton Flamme, by Crystal Palace. While I hate the texture and overall ungivingness of the stuff, it is a pretty color and seems to work well as spring scarf material.

This pattern is really fun and easy, once you get used to the awkwardness of the cross-over row. I went with a two-loop yarnover, because the three wraps resulted in what appeared to be an orifice for the devil.

In town, yesterday, I snagged myself a good deal on this yarn (40% off):

It's Adriafil's Jumping, a wool, acrylic blend, akin to Kool Wool, only sproingier. I know I wasn't really in the market for yarn, but hell, I'm on vacation. And I received full spousal support, after assuring spouse in question that the yarn was designated for a little something for his dear mom. ::I hope my husband is not recording all my yarn professions. I use the highly effective "I was thinking of something for your mother...." rationale, about every other yarn purchase.::

Don't Think Ice, Baby....
When we arrived at the cottage Wednesday night, the middle of the lake was still frozen. Later that evening, there was an incredible raucus amongst the indigenous birds of a feather (ducks, geese, seagulls and loons), out on the lake. The yelling and screaming lasted for about and hour, and was like nothing heard up here before.

The following morning, the ice was gone. I think the birds knew what was coming, er, going, and were holding a celebration. Here's one (unretouched) of about 40 sunset shots I took last night.


Life is good. Pee well.

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