••• Tuesday, April 12, 2005


"...Bathroom traffic's movin' way too slow.
Drop the drawers and Go, Go, Go.
Goin' riding on the Peeway of Ugh...."
-Uretha Stankin

Yeah, it's back. The Bladder Wrack.

And I've been such a good girl, too. No Less booze. No Less coffee. Lots of water.

And minding my front to back.

Maybe I'll catch up with all y'all, later in the leak.

In the meantime, more weekend re-ducks. ::Get used to it. I took about 3,476 pictures over the weekend. So far, you've seen about, hmmm, three.::

Saturday morning, my husband went into town to get a cup of coffee. He came back with this:

Presenting: SpongeCakers Squarepants!

Sometimes, being a big-ass beeach, is a beautiful thing.

Yours Truly,
The Whizzer of Ahhs.

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