••• Sunday, May 01, 2005

Gotta Light? 

I just got done with some smokin' Make-up Knitting.

Makeup Knitting? It's a lot like Make-up Sex, only better. Yeah, better. ::I never really understand the hoo-hah over Make-up Sex anyway. I mean, isn't make-up sex mostly about insecurity, and manipulation?::

Let's just say that Blaze and I have put our differences behind us. The joining of the sleeves went without further drama, and we've all done kissed and made up.

Doobie Brothers
A local college student and his brother were recently arrested in Ann Arbor, for growing and selling a hybrid (read: Mighty powerful) form of Maryjawanna. A couple of years ago, one of these young men was valevictorian of his graduating class, from an academically prominent high school.

In a recent newspaper article, the former academic superstar was quoted thus: The situation we had in our house is not much different than many houses in Ann Arbor. Pot is very prevalent on campus and not uncommon.

You can say that again. Too.

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