••• Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday Morning Quickie 

When you're three year's old, all the world's a milkshake.

I Really Love My Peaches
We went to the cottage this weekend. The phone line was not working, so no blogging could be done. I got plenty done on Peaches, however. (Add about two more inches from the long drag home)

Here's a close-up of the pattern.

Have I ever mentioned how I love knitting lace?

Senior Moments
My son graduates high school this week. And I'm finding myself increasingly emotional about the whole thing. At the high school where I work, Friday was the seniors' last day. As it was my son's.

At the school where I work, it's tradition that at the last bell, the entire student body cheers out from the hallways, in unison. It's a cool thing, for sure. And always puts a smile on my face. Well,usually. This year, it made me cry. Blubber cry.

Of course, I have more to say on the matter, as well as some exciting weekend coverage. But people, school is still in session for some of us, and I gotta get.

Have a Monday, everyone.

P.S. No time to edit today. I'm subscribing to the TPP system of blogging. Type, Publish and Pray.


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