••• Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cleaning House 

I've been tout busy around here, getting ready to go back to the cottage for the holiday weekend. We leave this afternoon, and I'm not nearly ready. Read: 'Nother shit blog post, today.

I was looking around my brain for something interesting to write, but came up with nothing. So I went to Plan B. Or, plan B.D.B. (Blogger Draft Bin).

I often get an idea for a post, get it started, save it in draft form, then abandon/forget my intent/get-hit-by-a-lost-train-of-thought-and-sustain-severe-cognition-injury.

Today, I'm purging the draft bin. Grab a bucket and a mop. There will be no logic or flow to this post, from this point on.

::And this is something new? I says to myself::

Starting Now......

No, Now.


Spaybacks Are a Bitch
I don't remember what googlenastics I was performing, when I found this website.

Aside from the rather aggressive name of the organization, I was first struck, and then alarmed by this picture:

It appears to be the surgical recovery room for recently spayed kittens and toddlers.

And this picture, set my whiskers on end:

I know! I couldn't believe my eyes. They let girls into the boys bathroom.....to perform surgery, on helpless animals (and toddlers?)


It's No Global Perspective
(Hint: Say it slooooooo)


After my son's graduation open house, I had planned on writing a party-survival-afterglow post. All I came up with, however, was this picture:

These are the snowglobes I made for table decorations for the party. My intent was to brag on my cleverness, and give any of you future open house throwers a clever idea. So, there it is. A clever idea.

You can order the globes here.

Almost Done.

Following is a sampling of pictures that went into my son's graduation party scrap book.

Here, I'm wearing probably the first fully sleeved sweater I ever knit. The yarn was a high end red heart acrylic. The pattern was from a pattern company with the name Bee in it. I loved that sweater so much, I made one for each of my sisters and my mom, too. Same yarn, different colors.

The dinosaur sweater on my boy was my first attempt at knitting with different colors. There's a name for that kind of knitting, but it escapes me. Frequently. You can't see the details, but there are 3-D dinosaur scales on the tail, going down the arm.

This is a shot from my first vacation, after the divorce. Check out the brows. Yeah, I know, Brooke Shields called....

White Boys can jump.


California Dreamin'
Yesterday, the Post Toasty Man (it was 99 degrees, give me a break.) brought me a special treat from La, of West Coast JenLa Fame. It was a prize for supporting her recent participation in a walk-a-thon in the fight against breast cancer. (Would a booby prize joke be inappropriate here? Yeah, probably).

That there is three skeins of Reynolds Mandalay (silk! Whee!)....

....And some stitch markers, two deliciously scented candles and novelty soap! (Which Cakers opened immediately and which also smell curiously like beer, in a good way....).

La, to show my heartfelt appreciation for this special treat, I'm sending you this:

Whatever you do, La, DO NOT remove the eye stickers or let it have water after midnight.


P.S. I tried bloggers new photo feature. Works good. No more middle man photo agent required.

P.P.S. I haven't sewn my tank up, yet.

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