••• Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I Said I Blogged You, But I Lied. 

I really had plans to be a more attentive blogger, this summer. In both the giving and receiving of the blessings of blog.

But dang, if shit don't happen.

Considering that it was 95 degrees at the lake on Sunday (yes, in Northern Michigan), we decided to stay another day. When we pulled out of the cottage driveway yesterday, at 3:00, it was 99.5 degrees.

When it's 100 degrees outside, even at a lake, you gotta be skilled in finding ways to be cool. It appears that some of us possess such a knack.

She's Cool.

He's Cool.

They're Cool.

She's a Dork.*

You Wanna Piece of This?

How 'bout this?

I hardly did any knitting on my most recent mini-cation. In fact, I finished the front of The Rebastardization of Nina just this morning, here at home.

But I did have lots of fun and relaxation with my fam, including my son, Cam. I even learned something new, about my boy: He's a crack tuber. ::And no,he's not a crack-smoking, potato head. Maybe a potato head, sometimes...::

Evidently, this is a very non-dorky way to wait for the rope slack to be taken by the boat:


All Crap, All Day Long
I missed my three year blogiversary last week, some time.

So, Yay Me.

But mostly, Yay Youse Guys, for reading and laughing and egging me on.

Doo Wop
In response to some comments left on my shoe last post, I feel compelled to point out that the subject of crap is not a new one, around here. To you recent newcomers to these here pig parts, and in honor of the current season, I refer to my most shitty post, circa August 19, 2004, titled A Waste is a Terrible Thing to Mind.

Again: Tanks, tanks alot.

*But get a load of those well behaved breastesses.

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