••• Thursday, June 23, 2005

Just Some Stuff, And Stuff. 

Here I am, facing that hateful, daunting task, of trying to write a marginally interesting post, on the heels of having blown, what may have been, my last creative blog wad.

Additional Pressure: I have to be at a meeting at work, in 30 minutes, after which we're leaving for the cottage, for a long weekend. With the in-laws. And my son (yeah!) and his best friend. And only one phone line (no wireless) (of course), which means stealth-like blogging opps will be dearth-like.

So...Okay, I know.

So, my husband bought the Cakers this carton of gummi bears, see? And they looked real yummi. And since the Cakers doesn't really like gummi bears, but really, really likes to yank daddy's wallet chain, at the grocery store, the sucking of gummi bear head was left to me.

So, suck did I.
And suck I did.

After consuming approximately half of the carton, over a 2 hour period, I notice on the top of the container the words "Sugar Free."

My first thought pertained to why my husband bought sugar free gummi bears, at a price of 5 fucking bucks a container. 'Cause, I'm here to say, We Eat the Sugar. Round Here. My second thought was Damn, these gummi bears are good. And sugar free, too? How day do dat?

So, after poppin' half a fistful more of them-there-dad-gum-bears(I was a southern girl in a previous lifetime. It was a good life. Mostly spent with Billy Joe McAllister. Up on Chocktaw Ridge. Throwing shit.), I commence to reading the ingredients. I'm not typically an ingredient checker-outer, but was merely curious as to how these jellicul-iscious bears could taste so good, without sugar.

I never did get my answer, on account of being distracted and disturbed by this:

(the highlighted part, is what I'm referencing.)

Evidently, "excessive consumption" is defined as about half a handful more than I consumed. That being said, about one hour after my last dose of bear shit enhancers, I knew some pain. Serious pain. Intestinal pain. It felt like the yummi gummis were holding a pogo stick marathon, deep in my innards. I was doubled over a couple times, praying for the 'rreah. For relief.

But dang, if those things didn't taste good.

The Re-Bastardization of Nina
Here's the front of Nina, which I've changed up even more than the back. I decided that the wide expanse of reverse stockinette, meeting the ribbing right down the middle of my tatas, was not a look for me, either. So I added five stitches of ribbing down the middle.

I really would love to sit and chat some more about my two favorite topics, shit and boobs, but I really gotta get.

There may not be much (if any) posting over the weekend. So mabes I sees ya all on the other side.

Of the weekend.



::Due to time restraints, post was unedited::

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