••• Saturday, June 11, 2005

Where the Hell Have I Been? 

Friday was my last official day of work, before starting 10 weeks of summer vacation. I’ve been working in a school setting for 11 years, and I'm here to say, the thrill of the onset of summer break has not waned.

However, the thrill of summer break also doesn’t typically reveal its lovely ass to me, until about, hmmm, day three. That’s how long it takes me to unwind from the stress of wrapping up nine months of work, in one day.

In fact, that last day of school is a lot like checking out of a hotel, after a week’s vacation. You think it’s going to be a piece of cake, so you stay up half the night before, then sleep until nine, then take a quick shower and a breakfast.

Next thing you know, you’re stuffing dirty underwear and miniature shampoo bottles into your husband’s back pants pockets, as he schleps baggage down the hallway, while both of you are wishing you would’ve skipped the house wine at the piano bar, the night before. Wine that tasted much better by last call, than it did first sip, then pretty bad, again, on the way back up. And one of you has a hazy recollection of barfing a green bean out of his/her nose, but possesses not the nerve to mention it. Ever. Again.

Yeah, preparing to check out of work for the summer is a lot like that. Minus the green bean.

Right now we’re at the cottage (I’ll skip the detailed whine on how I spent the morning of my first day of summer vacation, doing laundry, packing for a week’s vacation and cleaning up for the cleaning lady, who was set to arrive at noon, at which time we all needed to be off the premises, lock, stock and Cakers. And Cheddar. And knitting. Yeah, I’ll just skip that one.) (You’re welcome.)


So, that’s where the hell I’ve been.

What the Hell Have I Been Knitting?
I finished the back of Peaches, except I’m not really liking how that neckline is looking. I finished it up early yesterday morning, before chores, so I could cast on the front piece, for the car ride north.

Depending on how the first front piece turns out, I may end up frogging the back, either to death, or close to it. The directions called to incorporate the lace pattern into the increases or leave them in stockinette.

I tried the incorporation thing, a couple of times, and somehow ended up with a lacey mess, and too many stitches. Repeatedly. I'm now thinking, however, that the stockinette section will be noticably wide, once joined with the fronts.

But hey. It’s summer. I'll sweat about it tomorrow.

I hope to post more regularly now, without the pressures of work and graduation and all that shit. And there’s something about this fresh northern air, that makes me want to get down and dirty with my writing.

And my husband.

And I promise to get around to some long lost blogs and comment sections and late emails (Miss Kimmy) and other lost connections.

What the Hell Is That Thing?
I don’t know flowers from a bleeding hole in the butt, but this bud seems mighty peculiar.



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